Learn about Nature, Enjoy the Experience

"Then a great peace cover over me … and I seemed to hear the pines and the wind and the rocky
shores say to me, 'You, lover of the wild, are part of us.' "

— Sigurd F. Olson

G.S ECOPHYSIS LTD is a newly established family business that offers experiential / educational tours  for small groups of visitors with special interests in the natural environment, rural lifestyle and traditional products of Cyprus. Our passion for the natural and rural environment of mountainous  Larnaca created the desire to share our experiences and knowledge through experiential activities.

The Director, Mrs. Georgia Shoshilou, was born and raised at Lefkara village. Her favorite hobbies as a child were outdoor picnics and searching for wild mushrooms in the fields with friends and family. At the age of eighteen, she decided to study Biological Science at University of Patras  –  Greece, and afterwards she specialized in Wildlife, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Health at the University of Edinburgh - Scotland.
The subsequent five-year experience gained as a Scientific Counselor in the Federation of Environmental Organizations of Cyprus (NGOs) has provided expertise on issues of ecological balance, environmental policy, and raising awareness regarding natural heritage and rural development. As an activist, Mrs. Georgia has returned to the rural area of Larnaca and feels the need to share the knowledge and beauty of Cyprus nature with others. She strongly believes that the rural Cyprus environment is astonishing!

Mr. Costas Stylianou learned to love the art of beekeeping from his godfather during the 1990s, but admits that there have been many improvements in beekeeping practices since then. As a result, we can now enjoy the intoxicating bee honey from wild flowers in the areas of Vavla, Layia, Kato Drys and Lefkara villages. At one time Mr. Costas even had up to 600 hives under his supervision, and now looks forward to sharing his passion for beekeeping and his many years of experience with others.

  • Our values – High quality touristic services

Our goal is to offer high quality services through our educational programs and outdoor activities. The experiential engagement of visitors on the excursions and activities adds a special dimension which we feel will stay with them long after their holidays have passed. Additionally, environmentally-sensitive guests have the opportunity to visit the region all year round, enjoy the natural beauty of the area, and develop and improve certain skills needed in the field.

We offer an alternative option for the whole family.

It is possible for special workshops to be organized for groups with focused interests, such as on beekeeping, the study of nature (e.g. birdwatching), taking photos of landscapes and harvest, and workshops on the production of traditional product.

  • Our Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment

This project is co-funded by the Operational Programme "Sustainable Development and Competitiveness" for the period 2007-2013 under the Plan for Strengthening Youth Entrepreneurship. This distinction gave the opportunity for realization of interactive tours and development of alternative tourism with special interest for nature, rural lifestyle, traditional gastronomy and tourism of outdoor activities.

The Director of the company, Mrs. Shoshilou, has successfully completed the training course  "PRACTICAL IMPLEMENTATION of STANDARD CYS EN 16001: 2009 (ENERGY MANAGEMENT) and CYS EN ISO 14001: 2004 (ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT).

Mrs. Shoshilou will be in charge of establishing an environmental management and quality system for G.S Ecophysis Ltd, in order to offer high quality services and act with respect to environmental legislation.